Team in January 2020



January 2020

Khilian PASCAREL Master 2 student joins the team. He will work on Spatiotemporal regulation of alternative splicing in cardiac and somatic muscle in Drosophila

Khilian's project is supervised by Guillaume


New eLife publication

December 2019

Emilie's and Monika's paper on stj/CACNA2D3 deregulation and function in DM1 published in Elife

Arrival of Caroline Girardin - M2 student

January 2016

January 2016 Quentin Laurichesse join the team

Quentin get founded by Conseil Régional and join the team as PhD student - he will work on muscle-tendon interactions.

AMP behavior and reactivation paper accepted

28 October 2015

Raj and Monika's AMP paper in press in eLife

Our TRAP approach filmed by JoVE

10 September 2015

TRAP video paper on line in JoVE

Lab retreat

3-5 June 2015

Lab retreat in Beaujolais

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5 January 2015

Two master students Sami and Quantin join the team

22 December 2014

dCryAB manuscript describing function in myofibrillar integrity and cardiac performance accepted in Development

15 December 2014

Inga’s Wojtowicz PhD thesis (co-tutelle) defended

October 2014

two new PhD students : Lilia Laddada and Guillaume Lavergne join the lab

July 2014

Raj Aradhya leaves the lab to join Eric’s Lai group in New York for post-doctoral training