Infrastructure activities

Assessing and developing new tools for Drosophila model 

  • Generation of transgenic lines collection for intersectional approaches 
    (Ouarda in coll with F. Rouyer)
  • Developing CRISPR/Cas9 based genome editing approaches in Drosophila
    (Teresa, Michaela, Jean Philippe in coll with J.P. Concordet)

Phenotyping transgenic line collections by imaging

  • Selected lines (RE-GAL4) from existing Janelia farm collection 
  • Tefor generated intersectional line collection
    (Monika, Svetlana in coll F. Rouyer and Ph. Andrey)

Establishments of TEFOR - Drosophila stock center:

  • Maintenance and distribution of generated intersectional lines
    (Monika, Ouarda, Svetlana)

CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing in Drosophila:
Generation of white and dCryAB gene mutants

Current Infrastructure projects
Developing new tools, services and resources for Drosophila model  :

The intersectional lines collection

O. Taghli, J.P. DaPonte, T. Jagla, Coll. F. Rouyer

What it has been done:

We generate the P-element vector carrying the P65AD (P{IT.P65AD})  to create an new library compatible with the inducible binary systems   

We generate the tefor donor to swap the MiMIC collection (6246 lines)

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Phenotyping intersectional line collections

M. Zmojdzian, S. de Joussineau Coll. Ph. Andrey

Currently phenotyping Janelia GAL4 lines with potential mesodermal expression

  • Living embryos
  • GAL4 cross to a combined line Histon-dsRed (marker) ; UAS-GFP-nls (reporter)
  • 3 stages: 11, 14 and 16; dorsal and lateral view; 3-5 images/group
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CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing

M. West, T. Jagla Coll. J.P. Concordet

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